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This course is an excellent introductory online course covering a wide range of self-defense applications. Surprisingly you can listen and learn , to information that may save your life.

  • Date: 09/22/2021 10:00 AM - 09/22/2019 02:30 PM
  • Location: Online Event


Total time is  1 hour  Online

Intro ; The Law , Self Protection.
Situational Awareness – how criminals pick their targets.
Verbal talk down tactics …. Escape and Get Out.
Using Pepper Sprays - Self Protection Products .
Fear and Freezing up - Overcoming Fear , gross motor skills .

Demonstrations :
Stance and hands up –Finger Dart - Blocks – Punches – Strikes - Elbow strikes – Knees and kicks.
Moving direction from an attack 
Chokes - Front and Rear
Reactive training and timing ..

What can you expect to learn ?

  •     How bad guys select their victims.
  •     Myth busting- what works and what does not work (fun interactive demo with audience participation).
  •     Measures to avoid becoming a victim.
  •     What to do when attacked.
  •     What not to do when faced by an aggressive person.
  •     Use of everyday items as weapons.
  •     Basic level physical defense techniques against the most common unarmed and armed attacks (participants love this!).
  •     FSDA Liability Form.pdf