Real Estate Agent Safety and Self Defense Training

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Real Estate Professionals: "Don't be a victim! Learning C.O.B.R.A. Self Defense Tactics for Realtors allowed me to get inside the mind of a criminal. I walked away with real life tools that can be used immediately to save a life." Serina F. - Real Estate Professional

  • Date: 05/31/2019 12:35 PM
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Real Estate Professionals:

"Don't be a victim! Learning C.O.B.R.A. Self Defense Tactics for Realtors allowed me to get inside the mind of a criminal. I walked away with real life tools that can be used immediately to save a life."

Serina F. - Real Estate Professional

If a bad guy set up an appointment to see a property with a female Realtor®, what steps does your office have to protect that agent?

In teaching safety to real estate agents over the past two decades, we know that while offices have safety protocols, they are often ignored.

42% of female agents say they’ve felt unsafe during a showing. That’s a lot of agents.

Agents have to be trained to take protective measures. Our in-house Real Estate Safety Seminars are only 90-minutes, but they will empower your team to take control of their safety.

Going back to the bad guy scenario, what if the agent said, “My partner Joe is on the way.” Would that make a bad guy think twice about following through? Of course it would.

We are not promoting a safety app or calling 10111. Attacks take seconds and 10111 is 20 minutes away.( if you are lucky .. ) Most of our training is designed to prevent an attack from ever starting.

Real estate Agent Safety
    Real estate Agent Safety

Real Estate Seminar Outline

Agents Need to Know, What They Don’t Know

Highlight that everyone in the room carries auto insurance: home owners and cell phone insurance. Then, ask:

Who here has real life self-defense training?

This sets the stage.


Ask:                Who could adequately defend themselves for approximately 11 minutes?

The average police response time in SA  is 20 TO 30 minutes.

Describe:        Describe a soft target and add the additional real estate specific soft target points.

Do your homework and Google local and national stories where realtors were attacked. Take time to study the specifics and research at least 3 different types of attacks. When you can quote specifics it displays your true professionalism because anyone can wing it- just not a Cobra instructor.

Examples:       1. Sexual Battery

    Robbery with or without a weapon
    Stolen vehicle or a combination of 1 and 2.

Be sure to draw out specifics from the news stories.

    Was a cell phone used?
    What were the criminal’s statements when he was caught?
    What was the TPM (time, place and method?)
    Did the criminal research this realtor?

Scenario:        You’re meeting a person - generally alone and mostly in an empty property. You may be all over the web/ social media, allowing anyone to profile your potential assets, looks, work patterns etc.


You show up with assets, credit cards, laptop, iPad, etc. and a car, all of which are ideal for a criminal running low on funds.

You may create an even greater opportunity for them as well by turning your back as you open / close doors and again if you walk in first.

Tips:               Show up early and make it a good practice to state on the phone that you “and your partner” will be there” and, when you arrive, state that “your partner is on the way.”

Retreat to your car while waiting on the client to shop as this is a much better option than waiting inside or right next to the door. This allows you to profile the person when they arrive and keep a safe distance from the property. The danger lies in getting attacked in a closed/locked property while alone.

Profiling:        If a guy shows up with a heavy coat on in the middle of July, that gives me a good indication that I should call another agent before going in or fake a family emergency to leave. Do not gamble your safety if you believe something is off.

We talk with many agents about their protocol and many admit to not requiring them to meet at the office first to do a formal screening.

There are incidents of persons using fake profiles and then attacking the agent. Keep in mind that anyone can go and create a professional looking business card complete with a fake name, address and number. It’s a common practice for criminals to give false information to mislead and get you to soften your defenses, even when it comes to the police

Tips:               Take a picture of the person’s license plate. People with good intentions will not mind you taking this precaution. Send the information to a secure contact and state to the client that it’s in your office safety policy to do so.


    Show up early to unlock the property
    Retreat to the car and stay outside without surfing your phone as a distraction.
    Stay inside with the car locked and running, not on your phone.
    Meet and greet to assess the situation. State that your partner is on the way.
    Allow the client to go inside first by stating, “Go in ahead of me so that you can feel what it’s like to come home to this property for the first time,” or something simple along those lines.
    Keep the client in site at all times. Stay off your phone and keep your back to an exit so that you are never trapped.


Physical Techniques

You don’t have time to give them too much or perfect it. The highest value and most efficient techniques are equalizers. They work well for everyone and are the quickest to teach

We will teach you this !!

Live Demonstrations

We show the ineffectiveness of relying on a cell phone.

Our Demo:             Showing the ineffectiveness of relying on a cell phone.

Real estate safety apps and cell phones are a hugely false sense of security.

Take a training knife, approach an agent and tell them to answer how they would and not how they think you want them to answer…

“If I put this knife to your neck, grabbed your shirt and said, ‘Get in the car or I will kill you,’ what would you do?”

If they respond: “I would swat it away.”   Answer: “Then I would begin cutting.”

Many agree to get in because they have no real options due to lack of training.

We show the use of everyday weapons:

    Kitchen sprays
    Bluffing with chap stick
    Broken CD in the purse/pocket
    USB cords for striking/choking.

All these items look harmless and don’t scream “dangerous weapon,” which is why they are so effective.

Demo:             Taking the group outside to demo the outside vehicle abductions.

We will communicate that being kidnapped to exit the current location is a likely scenario that we can’t let happen. Do not comply as you know the attacker is not taking you to dinner.