1 Day Basic Self Defense Course

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This is a 6 hour day packed with self defense tools and great fun to do .. Generally survival camps are conducted on a Saturday, as most adults and families are off work.

  • Date: 01/12/2019 08:30 AM
  • Location: 12 Granite Road , Fourways , JHB (Map)


1 Day Survival Camp


While the components that make up the 1 Day Survival Camp are no  different than those that make up the 10 Week Academy, instead of a 20  hour course spread over 10 weeks, the Survival Camp is 5 – 6 hours of  training conducted in one day. Generally survival camps are conducted on  a Saturday, as most adults and families are off work.

So with this reduced time frame, which components you choose to teach  and which you choose to leave out, how quickly you go through the  instruction, and how these components are arranged all can differ from  the 10 Week Academy. 

View the Survival Day Syllabus at the end of this section for more  info. Refer to both the "10 Week Academy" and the "Teaching Components"  section for the various components you can add to your 1 Day Survival  Camp.

How It Compares To The 10 Week Academy

The 1 Day Survival Camp is a quicker, more condensed version of the  10 Week Academy. You will let the students know that there is a more  comprehensive program called the 10 Week Academy that students can take  after the 1 Day Survival Camp.

Students do not get the Student Manual and do not do the student  scenario evaluations and so there will not be a Top Gun awarded at the  end of the camp. 

You may or may not have a Team Leader / Safety to assist you during a 1 Day Survival Camp.

Topics To Discuss

You can discuss any C.O.B.R.A.™ topic throughout the 1 Day Survival Camp, however these are key:

  • T.P.M.
  • The Importance of Self-Defense
  • What it Takes to Survive
  • Threat Recognition

1 Day Survival Camp

One 6-hour Day
Basic & Intermediate
  • Striking
  • Escapes
  • Edge Weapons
  • Firearm Defense
  • Real Life Scenarios
  • Combat Conditioning