08 Dec

It is critical to stress here that situational awareness does not mean being paranoid or obsessively concerned about security. 

People can hone their situational awareness ability by practicing some simple drills. For example, you can consciously move your awareness level up to a focused state for short periods of time during the day.. One trick that many law enforcement officers are taught is to take a look at the people around them and attempt to figure out their stories, in other words, what they do for a living, their mood, what they are focused on and what it appears they are preparing to do that day, based merely on observation. Employing such simple focused-awareness drills will train a person's mind to be aware of these things almost subconsciously when the person is in a relaxed state of awareness.

Appropriate times to be very aware of your situation

  • Leaving home in the morning and coming home
  • Arriving at work  and leaving work
  • Going shopping .. parking your vehicle .. returning to your vehicle
  • Packing your groceries into your vehicle.
  • Being stationary in your vehicle – robots or stop streets.
  • After hours at night.
  • Public toilets.
  • ATM’S ..
  • Coming out a bank..
  • Car breakdowns on the road side..
  • In an unfamiliar area..
  • When you are alone.


YOU are an OPPORTUNITY to a Criminal at any time. When you are distracted and unconscious you are then a softer target. Its simple. Criminals work on a Risk vs Reward basis. You can change this and make yourself a higher risk but alert hard target for any criminal just by changing your MINDSET. A criminal makes the decision to target you in less than 5 seconds. Easy Target OR Hard Target ..which one will you be ?


Your mobile phone can easily be your biggest distraction..


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