01 Feb

In a digital age, electronic devices have become a convenient means to network, bank, shop and broadcast information.

According to the Afrikaans insurance brand, Virseker, this is something criminals are beginning to use to their advantage.

"While many criminals are simply interested in stealing these devices and selling them, others are more interested

in your digital footprint and what your messages, emails, apps and saved details can lead them to," said Elmarie Twilley,

spokesperson for Virseker.

Accessing your personal information on your devices can result in criminals stealing a lot more than just the device.

"Stop to think for a minute about how much information you save and share via your electronic device," Twilley said.

Virseker offers these tips:

  • Avoid saving sensitive information on your phone or laptop or photographing sensitive documents

  • Do not save your home address on your GPS device. Rather save it under a different, less obvious name. Alternatively,

enter the address of a landmark close to your home

  • Never leave your gate or alarm remote and/or home keys in your car.

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