Self Defense Products

Self Protection Products that may save your life ..

Self Protection Products

Emergency Assistance cover

Our emergency assistance cover is month by month policy cover giving added value by providing benefits like Medical Assistance , Bail protection , Legal Assistance and MORE ... for just R35:00 per month ..


Honeycomb Hair Brush

Honeycomb Hair Brush with hidden concealed pointed knife .. This self defense knife is actually a stiletto dagger.

R325.00 R320.00

Baton APS - Expandable

Baton APS - Expandable.

R379.00 R349.00

Neck Knife

Neck Knife -



Kubotans are highly accessible, extremely durable, and very effective self defense weapons.


Keyring Knuckleduster

This keyring knuckleduster is super useful weapon and easy to carry around. It can easily be used on your keyring as it is light and super sturdy to hold..


Lipstick Pepper spray - 10ml direct stream

Self defensive device - pepper spray Looks like a round shaped lipstick or perfume container with a simulated rhinestone heart on the side Sprays up to 2-3m with an accurate stream


Pepper Spray Direct Stream 40gram / 60ml with Pouch

Liquid Bullet Pepper Spray is specifically designed and developed to release a tight coherent stream pattern directed at the attacker without contaminating the immediate surroundings.