3 Month Basic Self Defense Course - Level 1

  • R3500.00
  • 07/29/2017 06:00 PM
  • 12 Granite Road , Fourways .

The Basic Self defense Course Level 1 introduces the student to a wide range of self defense applications when faced with attacks and weapon defense. These basic skills are essential to learn as it starts to build confidence and fitness. The course can be great fun but students need to understand that we teach and prepare you for the real world. You will learn to punch and you will be punched. Get prepared to be pushed. You will also learn additional skills on small joint manipulation , Ground work ( Anti Rape ) , Knife disarm and Gun Disarm.

Total time is 36 hours.

The classes are divided into 28 classes of 1hr 30min each.

There will be 2 classes a week of 1hr 30 min each and this will carry over to 3 months. ( 3 hrs per week - 12 hours per month  x 3 = 36 hours in total )

For example :

1.5 hrs - Blocks , Punches - Kicks 

1.5 hrs - Small joint manipulation techniques

I.5 hrs - Ground Work ( Anti rape techniques )

1.5hrs - Knife Disarm - Gun Disarm

2hrs - Revision and Combat drill.

Please reference the video to get an idea of how the classes are presented.

Video of Class Presentation

What can you expect to learn ?

  •     Basic stances , kicks , punches , blocks and strikes.
  •     Safety moves : Chokes , arm grabs , knife strikes , baton strikes , weapon defense.
  •     After 1st month we review what you have learned and present new moves to come.
  •     What to do when attacked.
  •     What not to do when faced by an aggressive person.
  •     Use of everyday items as weapons.
  •     Course recaps and best moments
  •     Combat conditioning drills.


1 Family member pays R3500.00

2 Family members pay R3500.00 each Less 10%

3 Family members pay R3500.00 each Less 20%

4 Family members pay R3500.00 each Less 25%

Payment Options ; 

1. Full payment on commencement of the course.

2. Deposit of R1166.00 and balance payable over 2nd and 3rd month.

Please download and print the Liability Form below . No student can attend a class or course without the signed form

FSDA Liability Form.pdf .

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